Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Part 12 - Windows

I'm starting to get behind on my posts. I guess the holiday's made me lazy. It's been bitterly cold in Minnesota the past few weeks. This is the time of year when I'm sure the guys would rather be fishing than working. Luckily the furnace guy was able to install a temporary furnace in the crawl space so there is heat flowing into the building.

Here are some of the highlights since my last post:
  • Most of the shingles are on. There were only a few square left when a snow storm hit. It's supposed to warm up this week, so hopefully they will be able to finish them off.
  • The fire shield sheetrock is in place between the garage and the house.
  • The windows are installed.
  • The front door is installed.
  • The interior framing is complete.
  • The electrical and plumbing are scheduled for this week. We are hoping to be ready for the electrical inspection by next Wednesday.
At this point in the project it seems like there are still a million decisions that we need to make: cabinets, flooring, lighting, fixtures, etc. The most pressing decision is the cabinets. We need to get them ordered so it doesn't hold us up down the road. The kitchen is a place where it's easy to completely blow your budget. It's also a place where you don't want to be cheap with materials.
After consulting several different cabinet shops we finally found some natural hickory cabinets that we really like. I'll post some photo's once we have them on order :)

Here are a few more photos:

Front door.

Here's a view from the garage looking toward the house.

The new garage door is waiting to be installed. The first one arrived damaged.

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