Sunday, March 28, 2010

Part 21 - Countertop

For the countertop we decided to go with Formica Laminate (Butterum granite).  The color goes really well with the Cherry cabinets.  The island was designed so that one person could sit at a stool comfortably on the end with the corbels (12" overhang) or  two people could sit on the dining room side if necessary (6" overhang).  We really wanted an island, but we also didn't want to take too much space away from the dining room.  The island configuration was a decent compromise.

For the 48" vanity bathroom we went with a beige granite top.  In the picture below, the vanity top is raised up so that the vanity could be stained without messing up the granite.

The vanity should complement the tile accents that we are planning for the bathroom.

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