Friday, December 11, 2009

Part 10 - The roof is on (mostly)

Last weekend my brother and I got educated in working outdoors in Minnesota in December. On Saturday morning it was -2 degrees when we headed out to work on the house. Despite the cold, we were able to get a lot accomplished. By Monday evening we had the roof sheeted on the house, and the garage walls and the trusses were in place.

I'm really happy with the final interior layout. The vaulted ceiling in the living room really opens it up. My dad made some last minute adjustments to the bathroom layout and it turned out great. Considering the size of the house, the rooms are large and there's a lot of closet space. The garage door and windows are on order, so it won't be long because we can seal it up.

In the pictures below you can see that the garage trusses are in place. We still need to tie the garage roof into the main house.

The living room window isn't visible in the picture below because it's still covered with oxboard.

This is a view from the living room toward the back bedrooms. The bathroom is the first door on the left.

In this picture you can see the vaulted ceiling. The window on the right is in the dining room. The window on the left is one of the two windows in the living room. The door in the front entry to the house.

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